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Video Production Rates

Standard packages--No-custom production.

Total Runtime
1 minute
2 minutes
4 minutes

Shooting Time
2 hours
5 hours
8 hours


Total Cost



Additional .55 cents per mile beyond the 20-mile round trip service range.

Non-refundable deposit of 20% to secure event location services.


Pre-production is where you build a rock-hard, dependable base that sets your video up for success.

Pre-production is all about making small adjustments to achieve the best or the desired performance for your concept, writing a script, story-boarding, etc. Really just doing anything and everything possible to ensure you have a firm idea of the story you want to be told. 

Do you know the answer to these questions:

Who’s the best fit to play this role?

Where’s a good place that fits this scene description?

What will these shoot days actually look like?

What will the budget cost to make it a reality?

NO WORRIES! Our team is here to help.

ALL Production Service Needs Are Based On Your Budget.


Service we provide (request a budget)

Pre-Production Services

Budgeting For Video 
Creative Development
Location Scouting
Costume Design
Script Breakdown
Prop Rentals

Video Production Services

Camera Department
Audio Department
Lighting Department
Art Direction
Branded Video Content
Production Coordination
Set Dressing
Line Producing
Hair and Makeup

Video Post Production Services

Video Editing 

Video Mastering 

Captioning and Subtitles 

Color Correction

Audio Post-Production

Sound Mixing 


Music Composition

Sound Design

FilmFlex Films is the result of much hard work by a group of talented professionals. The cast and crew were dedicated to creating something exceptional and original and brought their variety of backgrounds and experiences together to deliver an outstanding production. 

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